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Getting Treated by An Anxiety Therapist in London

Getting Treated by An Anxiety Therapist London

Anxiety can take many forms. From panic attacks to developing unhealthy coping mechanisms, living with anxiety can be frustrating and make you feel like you are missing out on what life has to offer. It is possible to get over some of these issues and take control of your life again.

Different Types Of Therapy

There are different ways to treat anxiety. The best treatment option will depend on what you are willing to try, and how severe the symptoms are and on what the underlying cause of your anxiety is. Your therapist will usually take some time to ask some questions and to get to know you better before recommending a treatment option. CBT or Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is a common treatment option. Talk therapy is commonly used as well as medication.

What Is CBT?

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy is about transforming your usual thought patterns. This approach will help you see situations that would usually cause anxiety under a different light. You will learn to adopt a more positive attitude, to deal with negative thoughts and anxiety and to develop new healthier coping mechanisms. This type of therapy is very efficient against anxiety, depression and other similar problems.

Can Talk Therapy Help?

Talking about your anxiety and other problems is liberating. Your therapist will guide the discussion and help you figure out why you experience anxiety and other negative emotions. Talk therapy is a good approach if you need to figure out what the underlying causes of your anxiety are. You will also get to address these issues during the therapy. Keep in mind that some therapists will combine CBT and talk therapy.

Do You Need Medication?

Taking medication like SSRIs can do wonders for your anxiety. Your therapist will probably bring up medication if you also experience depression symptoms. There are other classes of medication used to treat anxiety but SSRIs are a common option because they boost your dopamine levels. As a result, you will feel more outgoing and more confident. Medication is often used to help patients who suffer from anxiety in social settings.

Finding A London Anxiety Psychotherapist

You will get better results if you work with a therapist who has a lot of experience with helping patients who suffer from anxiety. You should talk to your general practitioner about your anxiety and see if you can get a referral. You can also try to refer yourself for counseling or therapy via the NHS. Seeing a therapist who works in the private sector is another option you should explore. If you cannot get a referral or have to wait before seeing a therapist, there are plenty of online self-help resources and some non-profit organisations that offer counselling over the phone. London has a wealth of therapists a couple that stick out are and psytherapy pimlico

Seeing a therapist for your anxiety is an important step. Look for an anxiety therapist London who has years of experience and a good reputation. Find out more about the therapy they usually recommend and do some research on this treatment method to decide if this is the right option for you. watch the video below for more info on CBT with Aniety

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