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Electric Cigars: What You Need To Know Before Making The Switch

Electric Cigars: What You Need To Know Before Making The Switch

Electric cigarette, E-Shisha and other vaping devices have taken the tobacco smoking world by storm, providing enthusiasts a new and highly appealing way to get their nicotine fix; or simply enjoy the experience.

Electric cigars fall into the same category as e-cigarettes; they work the same way. However they are distinctly designed to provide cigar lovers with an alternative means of enjoying their favorite nicotine fix.

Today, traditional cigar smokers can only enjoy their favorite smoke at a continuously shrinking number of venues. This is mainly due to the strong smell associated with the thick, tar laden smoke clouds produced by regular tobacco cigars. Since e-cigars don’t produce these smoke clouds, their use is not associated with the negative tobacco cigar image.

You can enjoy your e-cigar without having to deal with the strong tobacco stench, ash or sneers from onlookers.

If you would like to make the switch from regular tobacco cigars, to the more modern and appealing e-cigars, read on to find out more about these novel products. otherwise visit us


Electric cigars come in a distinct design that distinguishes them from e-cigarettes. E-cigars are designed to closely resemble the look and feel traditional Cuban cigars in all possible ways. The outer cover is designed to look and feel exactly the same as a real cigar. Manufacturers have shown that they are willing to spend more on the design and construction of these devices to keep them looking as realistic as possible.

The front tip is fitted with an LED light that is supposed to resemble the ashy tip of a real cigar.


Vaping on an electric cigar comes as close to smoking the real thing as possible. First and foremost, these devices are designed to weight almost the same as their tobacco counterparts. Once you puff on a quality e-cigar, you will experience the same flavor hit associated with traditional Cuban cigars. The vapor exhaled is free of the choking and often strong smelling tar laden tobacco smoke associated with tobacco cigars.

Simply put, vaping on an e-cigar ensures that the user enjoys a realistic, flavorful and appealing session, while the others around them enjoy smoke free air.

Choosing Your First E-cigar

Now that you have an idea of what e-cigars are, it’s worth having an idea of what to keep in mind when shopping for one.

Take the time to read up on the available selection before forking out your hard earned cash to purchase your chosen brand of electric cigars. Most importantly, remember to focus on buying a quality e-cigar; which might be relatively pricier than cheaper knock-offs. The guaranteed quality raises your chances of enjoying the experience.

Introduction to Mindfulness Therapy

Introduction to Mindfulness Therapy

Mindfulness in psychological practices has somewhat different meanings and applications. There have been several different types of mindful cognitive therapy developed over the years. They are designed to help ease depression by cultivating mindfulness and practicing meditation.

Mindfulness therapy uses a combination of cognitive psychological therapy with mindfulness meditation. This is where the patient is guided to direct their focus on the present moment. If the patient’s thoughts drift, they are taught to bring the focus back to the present. Anything that occurred before the thoughts drifted is noted by the therapist so that help can be targeted to specific emotions or perceptions.
Some therapists including the ones at will implement a regiment that includes yoga movement, walking or sitting and becoming aware of the present moment. They may help the patient by giving them verbal cues to help them control their breathing and take note of any sensations they feel. They may do a body scan meditation with the patient to help specify where tension or depression are being held in the body.

This practice can be very revealing about what is causing depressing thoughts to recur. The patient might also undergo a guided imagery meditation. This will help the patient deal with day to day stresses and problems that they will encounter in everyday life. These exercises are good for introducing the person to the fact that problems will arise in life. These problems do not, however, have to derail a person’s progress in overcoming depression.

The biggest benefit of mindfulness therapy is that it can be done without medications. While some therapists may require a patient to try certain medications depending on the initial severity of their depression, they may be able to continue treatment using mindfulness and thereby preventing their patient from having to go through uncomfortable side effects.

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