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How Does a Plasma Fibroblast Pen Tighten Your Skin?

Plasma fibroblast treatment is a breakthrough in the field of skin tightening. Thousands of people complain that they look old due to premature skin wrinkling. Imagine you are in your mid-thirties but you look like someone in her late fifties. Many would say that you should embrace your true beauty, but deep down you also know that your prime years of looking beautiful are going away quickly. In such a scenario, it’s best to go for plasma fibroblast treatment to bring back your youthful years.

Use of plasma fibroblast pen

Fibroblast Therapy is a non-evasive treatment that can tighten your skin in a couple of hours. Doctors use a plasma fibroblast pen to perform this procedure. It involves numbing your face first. This helps the doctor to use the pen on the affected areas carefully.

Once your face goes numb, the doctor starts delivering molecular nitrogen on the wrinkled surfaces using the pen. The sudden infusion of molecular nitrogen creates trauma inside your skin. The pen will then go on to disrupt the fibroblasts on the uppermost layer of your skin’s surface. It heats the surface to such an extent that your skin’s fibroblasts get destroyed quickly. In addition to destroying the inactive fibroblasts, the plasma pen also disrupts the deeper dermis layer of your skin with thermal energy.

The plasma fibroblast pen triggers a rapid collagen production process right after disrupting the dermis layer. The use of thermal energy makes this process much faster. Moreover, it helps to target all the wrinkled areas of your body so that they can improve their elasticity. It tightens your skin so that it looks soft, supple, and smooth for years.

Long-lasting Fibroblast Therapy results

One of the reasons why doctors are now recommending plasma fibroblast treatment is it offers long-lasting results. The fibroblast pen works both on the upper and lower layers of your skin. It destroys the inactive fibroblasts that contribute to the wrinkling of your face and hands. Those who use skin creams, lotions, and moisturizers in the hope of getting a tight skin may have to wait for months or even years to see a difference. Moreover, they may not provide a remarkable difference.

But with plasma fibroblast treatment, you can walk away from your clinic looking like a teenager all over again. The pen first fixes the upper layer of your skin before penetrating and reaching the other layers. A big reason for the popularity of this treatment is it stimulates collagen production naturally that no skin cream or moisturizer can provide. The molecular nitrogen charges up the dormant fibroblasts so that they can produce collagen again. That’s the only way your skin can remain tight and smooth for years.

Plasma fibroblast Prices

The overall price of plasma fibroblast treatment is also relatively affordable for many. Treatment starts at approximately $200. The price may increase depending on the total area of the skin that you want to straighten.

The fibroblast pen is the most essential tool in this treatment. If you want to look youthful again, it’s best to go for this treatment instead of investing in creams and lotions.

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